Brijuni Islands National Park tour by boat from Pula

Brijuni ( Brionian ) islands Tour - National park Brijuni islands (ital. „Brioni“) is an archipelago only a few miles north from Pula. From 1947 on Yugoslavian president Tito had here one of his favourite residences visited by statesmen from one third of the world’s countries, also famous artists and Hollywood actors. The National park has 14 islands, total area is 36 km² big. Only the biggest island, Veli Brijun is open for tourism. On the other islands are state and private buildings, they are not opened for public. Brijuni islands are famous for its beauty. The National park is founded in 1983. The whole archipelago is under protection - the islands preserve the traces of 5000 years of human history. On Veli Brijun is a Safari park, some of the animals or there offspring's that Tito became as present on his voyages are kept here. Inside the Safari park there is an Ethno park presenting a typical Istrian homestead with its autochthonous animal species. Istrian ox (a descendant of the Aurochs), Istrian sheep, donkeys and goats. In addition, the chital deer, the fallow deer and mouflons can be seen roaming freely around the island, moaning the grass for golfers.


Brijuni ( Brionian ) Islands tour starts in Pula harbor. From Pula transfer by boat to the Brijuni islands. On Veli Brijun we board the island train. Tour guide sits in the front of the train and tells all about the island over the microphone, while driving. The tour with the island train is about 2 h long with 2 breaks of 10 mins. We see Safari park, Ethno park, Olive tree from the 4th century, the ruins of roman Villa. From there we go back direction harbor, where you can visit the exhibition "Tito on Brijuni", Natural history collection, archaeological museum, and one Exhibition of copies of frescoes and Glagolitic inscriptions of Istria and Kvarner in the St. Germanius church.

Tito's cadillac_and_St._Germanius_church
Avenue_ of_ Pinus_pinea_and_Olivetree
exhibition_Tito_ on_Brijuni

Brijuni ( Brionian ) Islands tour--- 1. Olivetree - IV century - 2. Avenue of Pinus pinea - 1905. - 3. Safari park - 4. Roman villa rustica - 1st century BC - 5. Verige Bay - 6. Exhibition "Tito on Brijuni" - 7. St. Germanius church - XV Jh.

Price = 80 Euro / Person ( kids under 12 = 50 Euro) - 10:30h - 16:30h --- 14:30h - 20:00h - - Discount for groups. Coffee break and / or lunch in a tipical Istrian restaurant possible, on demand.

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